Urutau Guajajara is the founder of Aldeia Maracana Indigenous University. He collaborates with various linguistic laboratory within the University of Rio de Janeiro, where his main research interest is the future of Tupì-Guaranì language.

The Aldeia Maracana Experience has been an example of utopic coexistence inside the ancient building of Museo do Indio, in the Maracana neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

The stadium located in the same area will be the cerimonial icon of the XXXI Olympic Games in 2016 summer.

The tale expressed by Urutau represents a portrait of contemporary Brazil, where global processes are endangering native cultures.

Terra Sem Males is a film essay about human dignity.




Main Screenings


Sao Paulo Entre Todos Festival de Direitos Humanos - World Premiere

Mostra del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro

Rio de Janeiro - Curta Cinema

Roma - Cineteca Nazionale

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Italy, Brazil - 2016 - Color - 16'

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