Enrico Masi (1983) is an italian film-director, independent researcher and musician.

He developed his signature in visual language from a cross contamination between experimental film, visual anthropology and creative documentaries. Mixed digital formats, magnetic tape and film is a constant of his work, as is the employment of post-modern meta cinematographical structures. After working within the Department of Educational Sciences as a film director and researcher and having produced and directed numerous scientific videos, among which Khalid awarded in 2009 by CNR in Rome, he moved to London where he attended SOAS. In London he written and directed The Golden Temple – Olympic regeneration of East London, his debut feature documentary. The film premiered in Venice Film Festival in 2012 and then in 15 countries around the world (Reykjavik International Film Festival, Festival dei Popoli, Cinemateca Uruguaya, Honk Kong University, Urbanize!), both as a cinematic and academic work.

In 2014 the documentary Sinai – Un autre pas sur la terre premiered at Torino Film Festival and Cineteca di Bologna, as the first result (digital and 16mm) of a long visual and sociological research, started in 2003, in the territories of former Yugoslavia. In 2014 he moved to Berlin, supported by Alma Mater Studiorum and the Marco Polo scholarship at UDK, where he completed the Brazilian core of the trilogy composed of Lepanto – Ultimo Cangaceiro, Terra Sem Males and Historia do Futuro, presented at Mostra del Nuovo Cinema in Pesaro and various cinémathèques in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Brazil. In 2016 he concluded a Phd project at University of Bologna, using film as a tool of research. Shelter – Farewell to Eden is the final chapter of a broad trilogy (2012 – 2019) where the ultimate mega event is related to the international humanitarian crisis and third landscape theory.

 Picture (135mm – Kodak) by Stefano Croci


Individual projects

2009 Khalid

Visioni Italiane – Cineteca di Bologna

Menzione speciale CNR come Documentario Scientifico

2012 In Calabria o del Futuro Perduto

Tirana International Film Festival

Festival di Paesologia di Aliano

2012 The Golden Temple: Olympic Regeneration of East London

Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Reykjavik International Film Festival

Festival dei Popoli

Stories from the Anthropocene – Stockholm

Cinemateca Uruguaya

Humboldt University – Berlin

2016 Lepanto – Último Cangaceiro

Cineteca Nazionale di Roma

Fuori Norma di Adriano Aprà

Polytechnic University of Turin

Cineteca di Bologna

Festival del Cinema Latino Americano di Trieste

2016 Historia do Futuro

Cineteca Nazionale di Roma

Cineteca di Bologna

National Museum of Cinema – Turin

2014 – 2018 Reiseland


2007 La Situation est Claire; con Jerome Walter Gueguen

2010 Giussano – Instant North Blues;

con Fausto Di Quarto, Stefano Migliore, Stefano Croci, Anna Romani

Palazzo Hercolani – Università di Bologna

2011 Ulisse Futura; con Stefano Croci

Genova Film Festival

2012 I Colonnelli di Roma; con Alberto Gemmi, Stefano Migliore

RIFF, Casa del Cinema di Roma

2012 Respect the Brutal; con Mike Wells


2014 Muro Basso – se la decrescita è anche uno spazio;

con Stefano Migliore

Museo Nazionale del Cinema – Torino

2014 Sinai – un altro passo sulla terra; con Alberto Gemmi

Torino Film Festival

2016 Giappone, Roma, Bologna; con Francesco Lizzani

Scuderie del Quirinale – Roma